Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 75th Anniverary to Treasure Island and the Golden Gate Exposition

This collection of photographs date back to Emperor Norton who was credited with being the first to envision a bridge spanning the Bay. 

Our blog post on the Emperor

Picnics and journey's to what was also called Goat Island and Yerba Buena (Spanish for Mint) were a common diversion.  Treasure Island, a massive land fill project was originally envisioned as the site of the San Francisco airport, when China Clippers ruled the skies.  The construction of the Bay Bridge changed everything of course and in 1939 the Golden Gate Exposition was arguably one of the world's most spectacular fairs.

Our Slide show of Golden Gate Exposition Images

What lies ahead for our Waterfront and how do we have to wait for its renovation?

Who knows what will become of the world's most valuable islands?   Let's hope that "they" get this right!  I suggest a visit to Sydney and Darling harbour to study their  exceptionally well executed urban waterfront experience, combining hotels, museums, restaurants, open space supported by a seamlessly integrated water and light rail integrated transportation.  Sydney's development did have the advantage or pressure depending on how you look at it, of hosting the Olympic Games, and event that expediting every project possible being approved and funded for International spotlight.  Do we have to wait for the Olympics to be assigned to San Francisco - or could we "just do it?"

Many of these images are available through our web galleries:
World Wide Archive - San Francisco

Great story on Emperor Norton on SF Gate:


Unknown said...

Very cool! Images over one hundred years old!

GREAT! Very impressive!

Unknown said...

These images would make for an awesome historical exhibit... somewhere near the Bay Bridge. Perhaps in one of the pier buildings along the Embarcadero.