Thursday, August 29, 2013

The New Bridge - accessible for everyone

Woman in wheel chair with friends
Crossing the Western Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge

"Point and shoot" photography with an 8 x 10" View Camera  (Ansel Adams size, the kind with the dark cloth)

Note on photography: the fall off on the corners shows how the lens renders a circular image on teh 8x  10" sheet  film;  this is cropped in slightly; the circular image is about 7.5". This lens also has extreme depth of field, so that the 8x10" camera could be prefocused  and thus used as a "point and shoot" camera:  Aim, Load, Pull the dark slide, and click the shutter. This is not easy to do on a massive bridge keep in mind, especially when you are pushing a monster camera on a dolly in a traffic lane with hoovering CHP not super amused with the rig.

Camera: 8x10 view camera, 75mm super Angulon, pre-focused,
Film: color negative

Capture: film

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Cone Heads are Out and About

Construction is underway...

8x10 view camera on dolly pushed across
San Francisco Bay Bridge Bridgewalk, 1980

That's All folks...

Step away from the Bridge

CHP Officer, Western Span, Bridgewalk, 1980
8 x 10" view camera, candid shot

Perhaps the world's only 'point and shoot' 8 x 10" photography, employing a pre-set focus with a 75mm super Angulon.  I knew I would have zero time for the traditional dark cloth and focus loop - ultimately as I predicated, I was forced into the CHP car, but not before I had made it all the way to mid-cantilever section on the decline into Oakland.  Persistence. #8x10