Monday, May 9, 2011

Artifacts unearthed from whaling ship at Main and Folsom

The Candace was a three-masted whaling ship that ended its last voyage in the port of San Francisco in 1855. An exhibit of artifacts, recovered from the excavation, and stories of this Gold Rush ship were uncovered from the building site at Folsom and Main and are now on long term display in the lobby of the Infinity.

The exhibit was organized by the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society who is also leading the efforts to restore the San Francisco Mint.

Main Website: San Francisco History Society

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The Candace Exhibition
The exhibition at the Infinity will display, on a rotating basis, selections from the more than 200 artifacts recovered from the site at Folsom and Main. In addition, the exhibit contains a photographic chronology of the excavation by Anne Bement. Primarily known for her impressionistic landscapes and digital abstract images, her photographs have been shown in galleries and museums around the country. Bement documented the unearthing of the Candace from her 18th floor terrace directly across the street from the future site of The Infinity. The exhibition has been made possible through a collaboration between the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, which received both the artifacts and the remaining portions of the Candace, and the Infinity Owners Association.

Video on history of golden Gate Park by Glenn Robert Lym

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Mclaren Lodge, Golden GAte Park

 Restored authochome print c1900

history as written by San Francisco Park's and Recreation: