Saturday, March 7, 2009

Banks are the temples of our Gods or?

Flash back to just after the Earthquake in 1906, Bank of California seen her under construction, erecting a structure that is like a Church, a temple to the God money and gold, and if ever there were a modern style for attaining a transcendental experience, the interior of this property can take you there. A hundred years later, these temples are shadows of their former selves, yet strong and resolute in the granite permanence, but no longer are they the place where our Gods reside. Do visit this the next time you venture downtown, experience its sanctity, but I no longer think it is sacred as it may once have been

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alamo Square Classic View

After many trips studying the lighting,this view captured the right contrast and lighting for the painted ladies - 6x7cm - this shot, after a passing storm is why you fall in love with San Francisco

San Francisco Shopping Center - Shop till you drop

Shop local • Go Green • but do SHOP till you drop.
Will that get us out of this mess, or is that the mess itself. How are shopping centers and their tenants coping right now? What ARE the consequences of everyone not buying at once? A bit like yelling fire in a crowded theater in terms of the effect on the economy. Was the building really burning? Hope that everyone likes the weather once they have gotten outside and does not mind the bodies they trampled over in the process of getting there.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bank of America as Granite Monoilith

Aside from this building's namesake company no longer being here and only being worth about a latte per share, this view remains a favorite, sculpted in light not unlike rock formations in the Sierras, it looks better in detail than the over-built "tombstone" like structure that otherwise dominates the Skyline. Don't forget to visit the "bankers heart" when you are next in this often soulless corridor of downtown.