Sunday, June 5, 2011

PBS: San Francisco Exhibit Reunites Gertrude Stein's Remarkable Art Collection

Stein's development of a remarkable collection - tracing how she turns a modest inheritance, choosing to buy art over clothes, often purchasing the unpopular pieces, several by Matisse that later become among his most acclaimed, another provoking changes in Picasso's work. This collection at MOMA is must see - as is its companion show on Gertrude Stein's life at the nearby Contemporary Jewish Museum. Stein strove to be recognized beyond her status as a collector, an accomplished writer, she lived the uncommon life, partnered and lived with Alice B. Toklas, wrote operas in the 30's, and sat extensively in Paris for Picasso, where after 80-90 sittings another masterpiece was created, now bequeathed to the New Museum of Modern art.