Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cliff House, Sutro Bathes and Ocean Beach

Cliff House #2 c1890Cliff House from the Ocean circa 1970Men picnicking on a  rock overlooking  Seal Rock House, from point the Cliff House was located 1865Cliff House #2 and Seal Rocks c1870View from Cliff House 1879Cliff House, by Taber c1880
Seal Rocks from the Cliff HouseCliff House from Sutro Park by Billington c1896Viewing Cliff House and Deal RockCliff House, San FranciscoSutro Park, San Francisco c1900May Day at Sutro Baths, 1897
Sutro Baths Interior-LithographSwimmers in the Sutro Baths, c.1895Cliff House from Ocean Beach, c1890Cliff House c1890 from Ocean BeachCliff House and Seal Rocks from Ocean Beach, c1895Geary Line Terminus, c.1890
Ocean Beach by Cliff HouseGrounding of Ship, Ocean BeachAerial View of Playland at the BeachThe Cliff House #4 circa 1940Playland and the Beach, viewing South to Great HighwayChild on Merry go Round, Playland at Beach
sCliff House & Sutro, a set on Flickr.
Slide show with the best of the history of this area that I have on hand - ENJOY!

In honor of those who lost their jobs today due to the unnecessary actions of the certain parties in the Federal Government.

Hoping that more rational heads prevail soon, and they protect the public from things like Foster Farms' Salmonella instead of shuttering the livelihood of thousands and denying Veterans access to the WWII monument in DC in example.

Thus, the Government defines which employees are essential and which are not;  And, that is where things get interesting: 

CHECK LIST:  Shutting Down the Cliff House:  ESSENTIAL  -
Protecting the public from Foster Farms Salmonella rich Chicken:  NOT ESSENTIAL  - 
Stop Veterans from visiting WWII memorial in DC: ESSENTIAL.   

See a pattern here?? 


Therefore, IMO this may be the moment for citizens to step up and demand accountability and transparency from who ever is in charge of this and examine fully what is happening here. 
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