Thursday, August 29, 2013

The New Bridge - accessible for everyone

Woman in wheel chair with friends
Crossing the Western Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge

"Point and shoot" photography with an 8 x 10" View Camera  (Ansel Adams size, the kind with the dark cloth)

Note on photography: the fall off on the corners shows how the lens renders a circular image on teh 8x  10" sheet  film;  this is cropped in slightly; the circular image is about 7.5". This lens also has extreme depth of field, so that the 8x10" camera could be prefocused  and thus used as a "point and shoot" camera:  Aim, Load, Pull the dark slide, and click the shutter. This is not easy to do on a massive bridge keep in mind, especially when you are pushing a monster camera on a dolly in a traffic lane with hoovering CHP not super amused with the rig.

Camera: 8x10 view camera, 75mm super Angulon, pre-focused,
Film: color negative

Capture: film

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