Friday, May 14, 2010

Charlotte Mailliard wearing Palace of Fine Arts

Back in the 80's a project came together to light the Palace of Fine Arts, the lone remaining stucture from the Panama Pacific International Exhibition of1915, led by Gina Delacetia.  Bob Pritikin, the City's rather flamboyant adman and hotelier came together to create promotional and funraising events and stunts - leading to a our producing a series of life size super-realisiic portraits of notables around town wearing Beach Blanket Babalon hats, steve Silver organized around the effort

This portrait was of Charlotte Maillard Swig, now married to Charles Schultz, wearing this over the top head gear cum architectural model.   Eventually funding was secured at the lights were restored per the original plans for this Bernard Maybeck Jewel among the City's architectural heritage

Phoography was done with the 8 x 10" view for ultra high-resolution - every thread in the fabric sharp as a tack.  The originals cut outs are not at the Bob Pritikin Mansion on Chenery Street - pending become part of the City Museum there proposed by Pritikin

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