Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bennett Hall launches photography website

San Francisco Images creator and photographer Bennett Hall has launched a new websites to showcase his work. The new website includes art photography,architecture, landscape, special effects, hand-tinting, and collage work produced from 1974 to present. Trained initially at San Francisco State University with Jack Welpott and Don Worth, Hall shoots in all formats; digital, 6x7cm through 8x 10" view. Hall is available for assignment photography and special creative projects by commission.


Unknown said...

This is a welcome addition to the SFBA community and, of course, the entire US.
Marvelous photography, the finest framing with service that is impeccably professional.
The companion eco-faming service for my watercolors has been very much appreciated by me and my friends.
Thanks for introducing me to your new site. FAB!
Best regards,
Jeannine Athas

Unknown said...

Thanks J for the support - I appreciate your helping me get the word out about our blogs - bon voyage!